There is every reason to stay, visit or spend a vacation in the US, but nothing makes a short visit more exciting than having lunches and dinners at its best bar & grill restaurants. From ambiance and a great cocktail list to eat-all-you-can delicious menus, these five bar and grill restaurants offer an experience to remember. What goes well with delicious meals is yoga. If you haven’t practiced already, check out Yogaburn website and sign up today.

Top five best Bar and Grill Restaurants in the US

  1. Highlands Bar & Grill Birmingham

If you are searching for a place that will offer you the best French-inspired dinner, you have no better option than checking into the Highlands Bar & Grill Birmingham. Whether you are planning to host a special occasion, conduct a business meeting or just looking for a restaurant that will provide you with the healthiest and most delicious menu, Highlands restaurant is always prepared to serve you the best. In addition to its great meals and cocktail, the bar area and dining room provide you with an inviting atmosphere. One thing you will like about this restaurant is its menu that changes with every season to meet their clients need.

  1. Joe’s American Bar & Grill

Joe’s American Bar & Grill offers you the best shakes, burgers, great cocktail as well as the tastiest meals you will ever find in any other restaurant in the US. It provides you with an extensive menu that offers almost everything from soups, appetizers, desserts, beverages to small bites, sandwiches and more. For dinner, you get to enjoy some of the most delicious lean meats including bacon mac, buffalo wings, rotisserie chicken and more. Joe bar and grill is also one of the few restaurants that offer the best Big State Burger that is served hot from the grill with white cheddar cheese, crispy onion strings and more. Whether you are a visitor in the US or just a local looking for great food, check into Joe’s American Bar and Grill and enjoy.

  1. Brendan’s Bar & Grill

Brendan’s Bar & Grill restaurant is not only known for its ambiance. It is one of the few places that will offer you an amazing menu at an affordable price. Located between Macy’s and The Empire State Building, Brendan’s Bar & Grill does not only provide you with the best meals and cocktail menu but also offers you an inviting atmosphere that will make every bite memorable. It offers a menu that features both Irish and American dishes with a taste for every individual from pizza and burgers to pasta, seafood, and steaks. Whether you want to have a nice dinner with your entire family, spouse or just looking for an amazing alone time, there is always a reason to check into Brendan’s Bar & Grill.

  1. Eamonn’s Bar & Grill, New York City

If you search online for the best drinking and eating establishment in Midtown Manhattan, it is likely you will come across Eamonn’s Bar & Grill, New York City. Reason being, this restaurant has been at the top for the past ten years. Check into the most lively bar in Midtown Manhattan bar $ grill restaurant and enjoy every sip and bite that comes with it. Get served the best drinks from cocktails and frozen drinks to a fully-stocked top-shelf bar and specialty coffee drinks. It is also the best place to have a secluded conversation or get together after work.

  1. SeaBlue Restaurant & Wine Bar

SeaBlue Restaurant & Wine Bar is known for its highly luxurious ambiance and a menu that will inspire you to order more. It boasts about its urban bar setting that combines comfort, luring dinners, and cocktail menu to give you an amazing experience. The restaurant has been serving a French flair, and American cuisine that features fresh organic and local food crop produce, USDA prime beef cuts, sustainable seafood and more. Their primary focus is to provide you with an affordable menu with unique, but healthy ingredients that will make your visit worth remembering. SeaBlue Restaurant & Wine Bar is one of the restaurants you will want to have your first date or conduct a high-class business meeting.

The bottom line

Your visit or stay in the U.S. is not complete without tasting what its high-class chefs have in store for you. These five bars and grills restaurants offer the most delicious meals and a high-class cocktail list that will make your visit or stay in the US worth remembering. But you can’t rely on every word. Check into any of the five restaurants in this list and find out for yourself.